Tabatha  Endres-Cruz
Executive Director
Joined NWCC: 2018
Personal Statement: I love working in and for my community.  I was born and raised in Rockford and have a passion to serve.  I work in social service because it feeds my soul and my family.


Kris Kullberg
Business Manager
Joined NWCC: 1998
Personal Statement: My most memorable time working at Northwest Community Center was a in the year 2000 when we completed a 1.2 million capital campaign.  The building was renovated from a pretty rundown building to a modern facility with updated offices, classrooms, conference room and state of the art computer lab.  Was really nice for the population that we served.


Nichol Fricks
Program Director – Adult Services
Joined NWCC: 2009
Personal Statement: I enjoy helping others and make a difference in their lives, the human/social service sector has offered and continues to offer me significant rewards.  I take pride in knowing that I’ve assisted an individual and/or family in overcoming their problems and helping them improve their quality of life. Our Agency’s Mission is to “Enrich the quality of life within the diverse population of Northwest Rockford,” my passion aligns with this mission and I’m fulfilling my purpose in life through my career here at Northwest Community Center.


Juanita Martin
Program Manager – Youth Program
Joined NWCC: 2013
Personal Statement: I enjoy working with youth and molding them, instilling life skills, the laughter, their cognitive skills, and the development stages they master. Some youth have mastered graduation from High School, College, Traded Schools, and Scholarships they have earned throughout their School years. The success they have accomplished.


Toby Eddy
Program Assistant
Joined NWCC: 2016
Personal Statement: Northwest Community Center cares about community and family.


Cynthia Hearns
Job Coach
Joined NWCC: 2020
Personal Statement: Organized worker possessing over 20+ years of culturally competent social service experience. Distinct ability to work with a variety of social service populations from domestic violence survivors, public health services, child protection system, foster care, male inmate population and disabled adults. Build trusting partnerships with clients/patients to help facilitate change with a sense of accountability and integrity.


Christen Walker
Case Manager
Joined NWCC: 2020
Personal Statement: One statement that I hold in my mind constantly is “Be who you needed when times were difficult”. Even though this statement and the work I want to do to be that person extends far beyond the community center, Northwest is a great starting point to be able to plant seeds of hope into people who need it. It has always been my passion to help in my own community in ways that can change the lives of people. My daily prayer is that I can be light in areas of darkness, help people realize their unlimited potential and to let them know that everything that is already within them is what the world needs; never be who you are not.


Board Of Directors

Kyle Lamb
Board President

Derrick Kunz
Vice President

Tom Rose

Ben Bernsten

Shelby Best

Steve Casper

Donna Larson

Ernest Ponds

Brad Williams

Justin Lloyd

Gabrielle Torina

Kurt Broski

Phil Smith