Parenting Classes

Services that Engage the Entire Family System

NWCC not only engages and invests in our youth, but NWCCs goal is to engage the entire family system through wrap-around services. One wrap-around service and resource is accomplished through a collaboration between NWCC and Youth Service Bureau of of Illinois Valley. Parenting education and classes are offered and facilitated at NWCC by Youth Service Bureau year round. 

Classes provide parents the opportunity to learn healthy ways to interact with their children and set appropriate expectations/limits. Clients must be 21 years of age or older and have experienced serious issues pertaining to their parenting skills. Referrals are made by DCFS, Probation Departments, Law Enforcement Departments and Churches.  

For more information about Parenting Education and other resources, please contact the Youth Service Bureau at +1(815)316.1977, ext. 2000. These services are available in Rockford and Freeport, IL.