1325 N. Johnston Ave.    Rockford, IL    815.964.6885    Fax 815.964.9628

To contact any staff member you may call the center at 815-964-6885

Staff extensions are listed below for your convenience:

Dave Hicks

Executive Director, Ext. 222

Kris Kullberg

Account Manager, Ext. 235


Liz Gelacio

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and SNAP E&T (Food Stamp Employment and Training) Program Manager, Ext. 232

Nichol Fricks

Program Manager, Empowering Women for Success Ext. 240

Gerry Ford

Director of Youth Services and Out of School Suspension Program, Ext. 229

Juanita Martin

Assistant to the Youth Services Director, Ext. 224