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Northwest Community Center is looking to expand our programs and services. We are reaching out to the surrounding community to determine what types of programs are needed. Please click below to provide your feedback. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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Northwest Community Center serves approximately 15,000 youth, adults and seniors annually through dynamic partnerships and a host of recreational/educational programs and initiatives including:

Adult GED Prep Courses
Basic Computer Classes
Parenting Education Classes
Jr. Tackle Football
Summer Camp
Before & After School Programs

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We pride ourselves in creating dynamic, diverse and unique volunteer experiences that are essential to maintaining our high-impact programming. NWCC offers a variety of volunteer possibilities — from single volunteer opportunities, to events and ongoing long-term commitments. Learn more about how you can help us enrich the quality of life within the youth, adults and seniors we impact each year.


NWCC takes great pride in the education and development of youth and adults, in efforts to open up endless possibilities in all areas of their lives. Learn more >

Youth & Family

The NWCC main campus and our sites are vibrant destinations for children and families, offering high-quality, affordable and accessible services. Learn more >

Employment & Training

More than job placements, NWCC helps people build their professional network and strengthen their economic stability. Learn more >

Whole People in Whole Communities

Poverty, health inequities and other systemic problems can’t be solved by one program or path. To make real progress, an interconnected approach is needed. Instead of targeting narrow needs, NWCC looks at the many barriers holding people back — from gaps in education, to inadequate nutrition, to economic isolation — then we create assets that address those deficits in a holistic way, inside and outside our of doors. By supporting people’s lives in a broad context, we create an impact far greater than the sum of our programs.


Meals Served to Our Youth Annually


Adults Engaged in NWCC Services


Of Every Dollar Raised Goes to Programming

Working Smarter to Accomplish More

In a world of increasing needs and decreasing resources, how we work is as important as what we do. Becoming more effective and efficient requires ongoing investment in operational excellence from top to bottom. Our staff and partners go beyond conventional thinking, taking risks to pursue better, bolder and more farsighted ways to meet our goals. Throughout our process, we anticipate tomorrow’s needs and create the next generation of leaders and model programs.