Get Involved Today!

NWCC owes a debt of gratitude to the volunteers who generously donate their time towards our mission of enriching the quality of life within the community of Rockford, IL. We pride ourselves in creating dynamic, diverse and unique volunteer experiences that are essential to maintaining our high-impact programming. The following are just some examples of the volunteer opportunities that NWCC has to offer:

  • After School Program Aid
  • Tutoring (Reading and Basic Math – Year-around)
  • Customer Service Aid (Helping NWCC engage visitors at the front desk and answering phones) 
  • Recreational Sports Volunteer

For questions or more information about our corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact NWCC via email at info@northwestrockford.org or call +1(815)964-6885.

Working Smarter to Accomplish More

In a world of increasing needs and decreasing resources, how we work is as important as what we do. Becoming more effective and efficient requires ongoing investment in operational excellence from top to bottom. Our staff and partners go beyond conventional thinking, taking risks to pursue better, bolder and more farsighted ways to meet our goals. Throughout our process, we anticipate tomorrow’s needs and create the next generation of leaders and model programs.