The Mission of Northwest Community Center is to provide a place for the local community to gather, learn, and be social.

Northwest Community Center (NWCC) works with underserved populations across Rockford to improve the quality of life within the community, specifically in the areas of education, employment and health. Each year, NWCC and its partners serve approximately 15,000 youths and adults with a host of recreational and educational programs.

We’re improving all the time

We’re always seeking to better understand our community’s evolving needs, design appropriate solutions, and evaluate our results.  All NWCC programs are informed by ongoing feedback from stakeholders and their impact is tracked and analyzed. Through this process of continuous improvement, we provide our community the exceptional services and programs it deserves.

Working Smarter to Accomplish More

In a world of increasing needs and decreasing resources, how we work is as important as what we do. Becoming more effective and efficient requires ongoing investment in operational excellence from top to bottom. Our staff and partners go beyond conventional thinking, taking risks to pursue better, bolder and more farsighted ways to meet our goals. Throughout our process, we anticipate tomorrow’s needs and create the next generation of leaders and model programs.