Before School Program 

Parents can drop their children off at the center before school, where they receive a nutritious breakfast and are ushered/supervised on to school buses for their ride to school. For rates and available openings, please contact us at +1(815)964-6885.

  • Monday-Friday, 5:45am-9am | August–May
  • YWCA Child Care Assistance accepted 
  • Sliding scale applied if applicable 

After School Program

The NWCC After School Program uses an evidence-based STEM Program model as the foundation of our framework. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  NWCC utilizes partnerships with other local nonprofits to enhance the impact and success of our after school program such as U of I Extension and their 4H Programing and Boys & Girls Scouts outreach. We offer a variety of academic enrichment activities, as well as regular supervised indoor and outdoor physical activities, including but not limited to:

  • Group Building 
  • Tutoring 
  • Mentoring 
  • Enrichment activities to Science, Math, Technology and Engineering 
  • Health & Fitness activities 
  • Character Building initiatives 
  • Youth Learning Garden 

NWCC offers after school programing at two sites: 

  • Northwest Community Center – 1325 N. Johnston Ave., Rockford, IL 61101 
  • Barbour Two Way Lang School – 1506 Clover Ave., Rockford, IL 61101 

For rates and available openings at NWCC, please contact us at +1(815) 964-6885. We are open to the community and accept youth from all schools. For rates and available openings at Barbour School, call +1(815) 218-4398. Our Barbour After School Program only accepts youth who are actively enrolled and attending Barbour School.  

  • Monday-Friday, 2pm-6pm | August–May
  • YWCA Child Care Assistance accepted 
  • Sliding scale applied if applicable

4Success – Out of School Suspension Program 

This unique program provides individual, group and family support/mentoring to middle school-aged youth suspended from school. As part of the program, students are required to perform minimal community service. The goal of the 4Success Program is to positively impact student attitudes and decrease the chances of repeat suspension. For rates and available openings, please contact us at +1(815)964-6885 or contact your child’s middle school for inquiry.   

  • Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm | August–May
  • Free to youth currently enrolled in middle school

Summer Camp

This fun camp for 5-12 years olds includes activities such as recreation, crafts, reading club, mentoring and local field trips; all in a safe and friendly youth environment, while parents are at work or in school. Provided are a morning snack, nourishing lunches and dinner. Snacks are also provided daily during camp. For rates and available openings, please contact us at +1(815)964-6885.

  • Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm (7:30am early drop off) | May–August
  • YWCA Child Care Assistance accepted 
  • Sliding scale applied if applicable 

Jr. Tackle

NWCC offers Junior Tackle football for youth, ages 6-11 years, with divisions covering lightweight and flyweight age brackets. NWCC Junior tackle program was developed in the mid-1990’s as a way to offer a competitive, but safe and family friendly, character development opportunity for the youth. For questions and more information, please contact Terrance Beloch at +1(815) 222-3489.

YMCA AmeriCorps & Achievers  

The YMCA and NWCC partnership continues to grow. As a result, the YMCA in partnership with the NWCC have programing and activities that specifically target the Middle School youth. This is done through two programs, facilitated by the YMCA at the NWCC site: AmeriCorps and Achievers.


Middle school-aged youth looking for late evening after school hours during the school year or late evening activities during the summer months, offer extended hours for after school programing during the school year (middle school age youth only) and also extended hours during summer months for middle school age youth only. Through AmeriCorps funding the YMCA is able to administer this program to recruit teens by visiting middle schools and through community events. While at NWCC, the youth are engaged in organized, supervised, and safe group activities, including tutoring, life skills, and active games. Other support offered is ongoing mentoring and guidance in all life areas.


The YMCA Achievers program specifically targets high-school youth only. This program is geared to mentor high-school students on college preparation and exploration. The program recruits high-school students by participating in various community events and regular visits to local high-schools. The program is curriculum-based with the use of weekly workshops, icebreakers and other activities. The program also assists high-school students by facilitating college tours, assistance & guidance with applying for colleges and the use of career/college-focused presenters.

For more information or to register for either the AmeriCorps or YMCA Achievers program, please call +1(815) 419-1194.