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Food Stamp and Employment Training
Intended for people receiving food stamps who have no dependents an opportunity to gain work experience, work off the value of their food stamps, and eventually get off welfare. Participants learn pre-vocational skills, prepare for their GED, and improve academic skills, basic literacy, and word processing skills to assist them with job application knowledge and pre-employment skills. Contact: Liz Gelacio,

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Unemployed and underemployed people need the tools to conduct a job search or better prepare themselves for work. This program involves participants in daily work or job search activities, typically 30 hours per week. Individual assessments and personalized counseling and support ensure that clients leave the program with the skills and knowledge to sustain lifelong employment. Contact:  Liz Gelacio,

Empowering Women for Success

Empowering Women for Success program is designed to help women discover their full potential.  Participants are encouraged to become self-confident, self-sufficient, and productive while developing meaningful life skills and relationships. This is an eight week program that can be individualized to the needs of each women and less weeks may be required. The program gives unemployed or low income women the opportunity to gain the essential life skills.  Some of these skills include but are not limited to: Basic Computer Skills, Cover Letter and Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Proper Interviewing Attire and Job Searching and Placement Activities. Contact: Nichol Fricks,

 GED Classes
Through a collaboration with Rock Valley College Northwest Community Center hosts GED classes which are ran by Rock Valley College Adult Education staff. GED classes are offered as a way to improve the life of area residents by preparing them for the General Education Diploma test. GED classes run for 8 weeks with registration following each term; for more information call Rock Valley College Adult Education directly at: